EasyWeb represents the new movement in website development where premium themes are tailored for you. Our international team will look after both the development and design of your new site.


Who We Are

EasyWeb is an Australian Web Design Agency that has used their passion for web design to create innovative systems that allow for more value and less cost. Our team will work closely with you to create a website that is modern, engaging and expresses your brand clearly!


Our birth came because of the new standards in WordPress themes that are out doing custom designed websites. These templates allow for massive savings in time and cost to the usual method of web development. Our team has found the best available themes and we use them in conjunction with designers and developers. We break up a job into a tech component and a design component allowing us to use a specialist for each part. This means mega value for our clients. We hope to look after your website as if it was ours and create a unique design that you can be proud of.

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Our Founder

Jordan Sharma

Jordan has extensive experience with web design and WordPress development. He understands the important elements of making a great website. In charge of quality control, he ensures that all our websites are at a high standard in regards to design, functionality and optimisation. Passionate about bringing innovative change to industries where he can increase value and decrease cost.