EasyWeb represents the new movement in website development where premium themes are tailored for you. Our international team will look after both the development and design of your new site.

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Choose A Service

We have two offerings for getting your website made.
1. Website Creation
2. Website & Content Creation

You can purchase these here on our site.


Website Creation

Custom Layout – Get a fully tailored layout that includes all the key pieces you want to show off your brand.

Typography – Choose the fonts you want used or have our team recommend a set of fonts for your style.

Colour Scheme – Choose your colour scheme or have our team recommend a colour scheme that works with your brand identity and website theme.

Fully Responsive – We go through and make sure the design looks great on desktop, small laptop, ipad and all phone types. This guarantees that wherever your client views your site from they will have a great experience.

Secured – Our tech team will be sure to have everything in the backend secured. For additional security, you can purchase an SSL certificate for your business and we can help install it.

Backed Up – If you’re wanting to play around with the theme don’t worry if something goes wrong you can also revert back to the original.

Speed Optimised – We help to decrease file sizes of imagery, combine html, css and java files and create a cache to improve load time.

Design Review – Our designers will look over your draft site and point out the places that could be improved to make sure the design is top of the line.

Powerful functionalities – E-commerce, blog, Google maps locator, widgets, custom sliders, visible Instagram feed, social share buttons, commenting, GIF installation and more.

One-on-one support – Our team will work closely with you to make sure we understand what your venture is trying to achieve with your site. We’re here to answer all your questions! Customer support with a smile.

Hosting – This package includes free standard hosting for 6 months, then it carries over at $10/month.


Content Creation

Here we ask questions about the business operations, business strategy, target demographics and desired style to create content that aligns with your brand offering. Our copywriters will write short pieces that are compelling to sell the different components of your business. Our graphic designers will source imagery, icons, design elements and create custom graphics. This helps to make your website look polished with premium design features and imagery.

This includes

20 images sourced – We find images that are both aligned with your style and relevant to your venture and target demographic. Sourcing different photos for various purposes.

4 hours of design work – This can be used for photo editing, graphic design, gifs, logo design, video editing and more.

2 hours of copywriting – This can be used for descriptions, articles, taglines and more.

Creative Advice – Strategic advice for the content and creative aspects of your site.




Includes up to 5 pages each with 8 different sections.

You must purchase a theme to be used as the base of your website. The images in our recommended themes are all able to be used again on your site.

Pick A Theme

Have a look through our recommended themes or go to ThemeForest to find one that is the perfect fit. There are thousands of styles to chose from. Or let us know what your venture is along with your preferred style and we’ll help to find one for you.
Once you purchase your theme file you can upload it to our drive and we can start working on it.
*Due to licensing purposes you need to be the owner of the theme


You will also need to purchase your own domain name(site address www.example.com) which you can do through either GoDaddy(www.godaddy.com) or Google Domains(www.domains.google). Once you own a domain you can easily point it to our servers and we’ll set up your website on it.


Complete Our Web Brief

Our web brief allows you to explain how you want your site set up. ‘Pick Your Sections’ and ‘Pick Your Content’, these forms enable you to get exactly what you want on your site.
For the Website & Content creation service you will complete our venture details form so we understand about your offering, target demographics, preferred imagery, preferred writing style and more. From this we will create content for the website in all the areas that you want us to.

Review Your Site

Have a draft site ready within 2 weeks from when you submit your brief. Then tell us the changes you want to be made so it is just how you want it.